Published: November 27, 2017

Utilization of folk art as involving theatre in communication programme in India

Kusum Kanwar, Arti Maheshwari

Islamic branding as communication strategy of halal tourism promotion in non-Muslim country

Fitria Khairum Nisa, Firman Kurniawan Sujono

E-Da’wah : The message construction

Winda Primasari, Yudha Asmara

The use of hybrid media system in a permanent campaign: Multi modalities study on presidential vlog of the president of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo

Suryo Prabandono, Mr Eriyanto

Communicating the risks of dehydration through ‘Ada AQUA’ campaign: A circuit-of-culture analysis

Windasari Gayuh Mardatilah, Abhirama SD Perdana

The evaluation of the transformation of government public relations in the new media era

Siti Hasnawati, Ummi Salamah

Penanggungan local community’s trust related to Malang government policy from public relations context: Conflict of one way policy surrounds Brawijaya University

Muhammad Mukhsin Sultoni, Eduard Lukman

Winning millennial consumers in FMCG product by implementing emotional marketing on social media (case study: TVC Indomie Kuah versi 'Bikin Santai Makin Hangat' on Instagram)

Ms Novie, Firman Kurniawan Sujono

Local identity, culture, & city branding: Triangle paradigm of tourism development of Purwakarta

Mr Saepudin

Content analysis of imparsiality about news that covered online transport polemic ‘Go-Jek’ on news portal and in 2015

Risky Wahyudi

Analysis integrated marketing communication by e-commerto to improve the customer loyality (Descriptive study in and

Nastiti Esti Wulandari, Nadia Wasta Utami

Application-based organizational communication analysis: The implementation of qlue by the provincial government of Jakarta

Aldi Prima Putra, Nia Sarinastiti

Application-based organizational communication analysis: The implementation of qlue by the provincial government of Jakarta

Aldi Prima Putra, Nia Sarinastiti

The voices and schizophrenia: A critical multimodal analysis – An abridged version

Ulima Rahma Dynda, Abhirama S. D. Perdana

Analysis of E-Commerce Communication Strategy in Diffusion of Innovations Process (Case Study in Community SME Belimbing Depok)

Feni Wahyuni, Firman Kurniawan Sujono

Official website usage by university in crisis communication: Case study from Islamic University of Indonesia

Narayana Mahendra Prastya

Enjoying food with eyes: Visual hunger concept on gastronomy lovers

Monika Pretty Aprilia, Mr Irwansyah

The usage of social media as a form of external public communication (Case study on Ridwan Kamil as the mayor of Bandung)

Medika Adel Hafizatullah, Ummi Salamah, Dorien Kartika Wangi

Communication construction of religious and cultural dialectives on the time group in accessing the online media

Dian Marhaeni K.

Analysis of SATU Indonesia award activities, one of Astra’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs as corporate communications media for society

Lely Fachrul I.W., Ummi Salamah

Communications strategy representatives of the national population and family planning (BKKBN) of West Sumatera Province in promotion planning program Generasi Berencana (GenRe)

Engga Probi Endri

Integrated marketing communication strategies: A case of Telkomsel as the best mobile operator in Indonesia

Stefi Landra Darmawan, Abhirama SD Perdana

Analysis of leadership style on organizational climate and culture (Case study in ARD GROUP)

Dian Sophia Ulfa, Ummi Salamah

Law firm brand marketing communication in Jakarta (Case study in Ihza & Ihza Law Firm Jakarta)

Zaken Azizi, Firman Kurniawan Sujono

Harmonization of intercultural communication: Chinese state-owned enterprises in Indonesia

Anindya Meytika Putri, Eduard Lukman

Uncertainty reduction in the middle of organizational crisis: application of interpersonal communication and leadership communication

Adinda Mahastri Pratami, Effy Zalfiana Rusfian

Indonesia Tourism Communication Strategy in Event ITB Berlin 2016

Nur Amanah Ilham Atjo, Mutia Dewi

Building brand image through celebrity endorsement in digital platform: A case study of Andien Aisyah as Cetaphil Indonesia’s brand ambassador

Kartika Putri Hanafi, Mr Irwansyah