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Nowdays, tendency of global tourism is changed over from high volume production of standard commodities into high value production of unique commodities. This paradigm emphasize on authenticity, originality, and uniqueness. The change of tourism tendency implicate on principal, type, place branding, and the way of promoting the tourism potential on each district in Indonesia. Purwakarta Regency Government promotes program “balik ka lembur†(back to nature) as the way of branding and promotes localness (Sundanese Culture). By this program, Purwakarta develops tourism tractive powers, and it as the way of preservation on nature, culture and identity of people in Purwakarta. Development and enforcement of this program produce localness tourism i.e. specific, unique, and authenticity of Purwakarta. Purwakarta implemented this concept on local dress (Sundanese), local culture symbol, local infrastructure, local habit, local art, traditional craft, local life style, government policy on daily language, etc. Purwakarta emerged history moreover Sundanese mythology, nature, art, and culture of Sundanese. These are not only the way Purwakarta promotes its potential of tourism but also these are the way of branding (city branding).

Keywords: city branding; marketing tourism communication; localness;

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Mr Saepudin, Islamic University “45” Bekasi, Bekasi, Indonesia

Islamic University “45†Bekasi, Bekasi, Indonesia


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