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The Provincial Government of Jakarta innovated the way they communicate with their citizen by using a mobile application named Qlue, and since then the handling of complaints from Jakarta’s citizen has become more effective and efficient, in terms of complaint submission up to problem-solving issues. In return, the citizen of Jakarta has become more proactive to monitor how the government responds the submitted complaints. Qlue itself is a third-party smartphone application, whose the Provincial Government of Jakarta has been cooperating with. The purpose of this research is to find out the improvement in communication side between Jakarta’s citizen and Provincial Government of Jakarta after Qlue has been implemented locally, which is based on innovation decision concept in organization. This research is using qualitative research method and supported by qualitative content analysis. The subject of this research is the Provincial Government of Jakarta. The research is conducted through analyzing the contents of online news portal containing the usage of Qlue since its launching in December 2014 until early 2017. The result suggests that the implementation of Qlue application has received positive responses from its users. By using this integrated system, the handling of the complaints can be monitored by real time. This research has also found that Jakarta’s citizen has become more proactive and understands how to convey their complaints and place more trust in the government because of the ease of communication, transparency, and speed of complaints handling, thanks to the implementation of Qlue. The Provincial Government of Jakarta should also be able to maintain and improve the handling of public complaints, either through Qlue or any other way, in order to maximize the communication with its citizen in the future

Keywords: Communication; Communication Organization; Communication Innovation; Application; Jakarta;

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Author Biographies

Aldi Prima Putra, Faculty of Social and Political Science, University of Indonesia

Student of Post Graduate Communication Management, University of Indonesia

Nia Sarinastiti, Faculty of Social and Political Science, University of Indonesia

Lecturer of Communication Program, Faculty of Social and Political Science, University of Indonesia, Jakarta


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