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A research on the isolation and identification of xanthone from the fruit rind of mangosteen
(Garcinia mangostana L.) was carried out. Extraction was done using maceration with methanol –
water solvent and fractionation with n-hexane and ethyl acetate solvent. Column chromatography
with silica gel as the stationary phase and n-hexane – ethyl acetate (7 : 3) as the mobile phase was
used for the isolation. From the ethyl acetate fraction was obtained GM II-1 isolate (Rf 0,61 ; nhexane
– ethyl acetate 7 : 3 as mobile phase) which showed a colour change from reddish brown to
yellow under UV light 366 nm after spraying with AlCl3. Identification of the isolate with UV
spectrophotometry gave maximum absorptions at wavelengths 241,5, 257,5, 317, 364,5 nm. GC -
MS indicated that GM II-1 isolate had a molecular weight of 259, the isolate was presumed to be a

Keywords: xanthone, Garcinia mangostana L., mangosteen, isolation, identification

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