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A study on formulation of cream in a base containing Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) with
Piroxicam (1%) as a model has been undertaken. VCO concentration in the cream-base were
made 0 %, 31%, 36% and 41% respectively to determine the influence of VCO concentration on the
penetration profile of the drug. The profil of penetration was determined by using Franz diffusion
cell (vertical type) with the mice’s skin and pH 8 phosphate buffer as membrane and medium
respectively. Concentration of piroxicam released was determined spectrophotometically at
wavelength 353.2 nm. Results indicated that the penetration profile of piroxicam from formula 1, 2
and 3 followed zero order kinetic with the slope (k) of 0.0171 (r = 0.9913); 0.0217 (r = 0.9869) and
0.0217 (r = 0.9939) respectively, while that from formula 4 followed Higuchi equation with the slope
(k) of 0,0570 mg/sec
2 / 1
(r = 0.9853). The highest rate was observed from Formula 4 (VCO
concentration was 41%). Statistical análysis showed that VCO affected the release of piroxicam
from the formulation significantly (p<0,01).

Key words: Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), penetrant enhancers, piroxicam

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