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Glutathione S-transferase is amount of enzymes catalyze conjugation reac-tion of glutathione
(GSH) with electrofilic endogen compound or electrofilic xenobiotic. At the particular cancer there is
increasing GST, especially on mu and phi class that it cause therapy on cancer cell by citostatic
drug (commonly as electrofilic compound) not effectively. Pentagamavunon-0 (PGV-0) is antiinflammation
compound. Base on in vivo research denoted this compound has five times
strengthened than curcumin to inhibit GST enzyme activity. But using PGV-0 by in vivo to GST
activity never report or publish yet.
This research was done by measuring isolated GST enzyme activity from rat liver was given in
vivo PGV-0, with nine groups treatment. Each group consist of control group without treatment,
control group CMC-Na 0.5 % per oral and intraperitoneal DMSO, group with doses treatment of
PGV-0 20, 40, 80 and 160 mg/Kg BB per oral, rat group was given benzo(a)pirene (BP) 1 mg/Kg
BB i.p. and group was given BP 1 mg/Kg BB i. p. and PGV-0 80 mg/Kg BB per oral. GST enzyme
activity is measured from reaction of conjugate GSH and DCNB that it’s absorption/minute. Base on
rate (absorption/minute) GST enzyme activity can be accounted. Then inhibition percentage can be
accounted from each rat treatment compared with control without treatment and solvent control.
Analyze use statistic test (Kruskal-Wallis then continued by Mann-Whitney test), to know specific
different of GST class mu enzyme activity in rat liver at each treatments group.
Result research denoted that PGV-0 give inhibition effect to GST class mu activity of rat liver by
in vivo. Doses level did not give proportional result to GST class mu activity of rat liver. Doses level
of PGV-0 give optimum result to GST class mu activity of rat liver inhibition at 80 mg/Kg BB with
inhibition value 19,99 % compared with CMC-Na as solvent.

Key word: pentagamavunon-0, in vivo, glutathione S-transferase, inhibition

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