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Recently, the discovery of new drugs uses the new concept by modern techniques instead of
the convenstional techniques. In the development of scientific knowledge, the role of molecular
biology and the modern techniques in the investigations and discovery new drug becomes the
important things. Many methods and modern techniques use in the discovery of new drugs, i.e,
genetic enginering, DNA recombinant, radioligand binding assay technique, HTS techniques (High
Throughput Screening), and mass ligand screening. In this review article, its focus in the role of
molecular biology and HTS techniques (High Throughput Screening) which accelerated the
discovery of new drugs. The role of molecular biology will be the important things on the
characteristic of structure of protein target as well as receptor that interact with the drug molecule or
ligand. By the modelling binding receptor technique, its will be known the conformation of binding
receptor and ligand in the three dimension. In addition, by the quantum mechanics, molecular
mechanics, and molecular dynamics will be identified the active sites, the consuming energy, and
the conformation of the structure of molecule drug as well as the receptor when its interact
biochemicaly. In other hand, the investigation of active compounds from natural resources still
conducted. The investigation of active compound from natural resources, at present use the HTS
techniques (High Throughput Screening) could screen thousand extracts combine with Human
Genom Project data in this technique. By the HTS techniques (High Throughput Screening) will be
performed screening extract from the natural resources rapidly. Active compounds resulted from
this technique, subsequently identified and characterized the structure of molecules and synthesis
instead of natural resources. Finally the compounds could be synthesized in the large scale.The
molecular biology and HTS technique will play the big roles on the discovery of new drugs. The
molecular bology techniques related the protein target and receptor have been changed the new
paradigm in the design of new molecule drugs by rationally, wheares the HTS technique will
accelerated sceening active compounds from natural resources.

Key words: molecular biology, HTS (High Throughput Screening), new drugs

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