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Gamavuton-0 is a curcumin-like compound, which is more stable than curcumin and still
has an antioxidant property. The objective of synthesis of diacetyl gamavuton-0 (diAcGVT-0) is to
yield the product that is more lipophile than GVT-0. Synthesis of diAcGVT-0 has been done by
reacting GVT-0 with acetyl chloride as an acylating agent and tertiary amines as primary bases.
DiAcGVT-0 was formed as the major product of synthesis and the product was not pure. Structure
elucidation using UV-Vis,
H-NMR and MS spectra showed that the main product was diAcGVT-0.

Key words : diacetyl gamavuton-0, acetyl chloride, acylating agent, lipophile

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