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This research was done at Yogyakarta Bethesda hospital Jend. Sudirman, as a mean to know
the association among risk factors at disease of Carcinoma servix uteri. This study used secondary
data from medical records and conducted with retrospektif method. The subjects in this research
were patient of Carcinoma servix uteri at Bethesda hospital from 2002-2004. From the medical
records, researcher used three variables, they were age of patient, children amount and age when
the patient first married. Statistical analysis that used was Log Linear analysis with Backward
Elimination method with level of signifikansi equal to 0.15. From the analysis result can be
concluded that there were interaction between children amount, age of patient and age when the
patient first married to the prevalence of carcinoma servix uteri. The woman with children amount
more than 5 people, above age 50 year and also age of first married less than 20 year will have the
highest possibility to have carcinoma servix uteri.

Key words : carcinoma servix uteri, risk factor and log linear analysis.

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