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Treatment of necrotising fasciitis including systemic antibiotic and radical surgical debridement is often resulting in large wounds that need to be closed using methods such as split-thickness skin grafts, local flaps, or guided tissue regeneration procedures. In this case report, 53 year-old male was diagnosed with necrotising fasciitis and treated surgically. The wound was treated initially with extensive debridement, wound treatment with platelet-rich plasma and finally closing the wound with split-thickness skin grafts. Split-thickness skin grafts can provide fast recovery and functional skin.


necrotising fasciitis split thickness skin grafts fast recovery

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Widianto, A., & Tomo, W. K. (2019). Split Thickness Skin Grafts (STSG): Approach in necrotising fasciitis, a rare case report. JKKI : Jurnal Kedokteran Dan Kesehatan Indonesia, 10(1), 91–96.


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