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Background: Abortion is associated with 4.7% to 13.2% of maternal deaths. In the Brebes Regency, spontaneous abortion incidence was 15% in 2014, which various factors may cause.
Objective: This study aims to analyse the association between maternal age, education level, employment status, and haemoglobin (Hb) levels with the incidence of spontaneous abortion.
Methods: This study was a quantitative study using a case-control design. The study comprised a sample of 78 females of childbearing age, including 39 cases and 39 controls. The study utilised questionnaires and blood tests as instruments for data collection. The collected data were analysed using frequency distribution tables and statistical tests, including Chi-Square continuity correction.
Results: The results demonstrated that Hb levels were associated with spontaneous abortion (p=0.028). Meanwhile, maternal age (p=1.000), education levels (p=1.000), and employment status (p=0.485) were not associated with spontaneous abortion. Respondents with low Hb levels have a six times greater risk of having a spontaneous abortion than respondents with normal Hb levels (OR=6.379)
Conclusion: Low Hb level was a risk factor for spontaneous abortion. Women of childbearing age need to take iron supplements before and during their pregnancy to prevent the dangers of anaemia during pregnancy.

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Dewi Larasati, F., Winarni, S., Mawarni, A., & Agushybana, F. (2023). Analysis of demographic factors and anaemia of the incidence of spontaneous abortion . JKKI : Jurnal Kedokteran Dan Kesehatan Indonesia, 14(1), 24–30.