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Migraine headache is one of the most frequent primary headaches that occur in children. It is estimated that 6 million children and adolescent in the United States suffer from migraine. Migraine can affect the quality of life and it can cause a financial and social burden. Migraine is often ignored by not only the parents and teacher but also the doctor. The diagnosis of migraine in children is challenging. Precise diagnosis and management are needed to avoid further impact. In this review, it will be discussed how to diagnose and to establish recent management of migraine in children.


migraine children diagnosis and management

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Agus Nur Salim Winarno, Intern doctor at Aji Muhammad Parikesit General Hospital, Kutai Kartanegara, Indonesia

Graduate medical doctor from Islamic University of Indonesia at Yogyakarta in August 2015. Achieved the best three of the graduation. Currently, being an intern doctor at AM Parikesit General Hospital at Tenggarong, Kukar, East Borneo. Enthusiast in Internal Medicine and Neurology.
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Winarno, A. N. S. (2019). Migraine headache in children: recent diagnosis and treatment. JKKI : Jurnal Kedokteran Dan Kesehatan Indonesia, 10(2), 185–196.


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