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The 4th International Conference on Engineering and Technology for Sustainable Development (4th ICET4SD 2021) is a biennial conference organized by Faculty of Industrial Technology, Universitas Islam Indonesia. We invite academicians, professionals, and students from various engineering fields who are interested in the technology development in chemical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering and management system, informatics, mechanical engineering, and other related engineering fields. 

Due to the current global Covid-19 pandemic condition, this year, the conference will be conducted virtually using the Zoom platform.

The theme of 4th ICET4SD 2021 is “Advancement of Engineering and Technology for Sustainable Development ” Engineering and Technology have an essential role in sustainable development. Engineering contributes to sustainable development in many ways, one of which is environmental preservation through renewable energy. On the other hand, technology advancement could improve the efficiency and effectiveness of sustainable development by fostering research and eliciting innovation.

All papers presented in the 4th ICET4SD will be published in the AIP Conference Proceeding (indexed by Scopus). Some selected papers will be submitted for publication in a reputable journal (Q3).

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