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Kemangi (Ocimum basilicum L.) is Lamiaceae family, consists of volatile oil, saponin,
flavonoid, tanin, and polifenole. One of its functions is as an antioxidant. The antioxidant
mechanism is blocking free radical oxidative bound with LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) (Udupa,
2006). This study explores kemangi as a lotion formulation on its primary iritation effect using male
rabbits. Kemangi leaves are extracted with soxhletation method and formulated on lotion. Primary
irritation test is conducted by using patch test on 12 male rabbits. Rabbits are divided into 2 groups,
with incision and without incision. Each of it got same treatments normal control aquadest, lotion
base control, and 4 tapering dose of kemangi leaves extract. Each treatment is done 6 times on
different rabbits, with incision and without incision group. The treatment is applied on rabbits back
after 3 stage shaving. For incision group, after 3 stages shaving the skin is scratched with minor
incision on cell surface. Toxic symptom is observed during 24 hours and 72 hours after lotion
application. The study result is analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively. Qualitative analysis
showed that any erythema found as reddish spot on the rabbits back skin, but no edema found.
Primary irritation index as quantitative analysis showed 0,083 for normal control aquadest; 0,207 for
lotion base control; 0,292 for 0,25g/inci
kemangi leaves extract; 0,416 for 0,5g/inci
leaves extract; 0,582 for 1 g/inci
kemangi leaves extract; 0,642 for 2 g/inci
kemangi leaves extract.
It means kemangi leaves extract have no primary irritation effect.

Keywords: Kemangi, patch test, anti oxidant

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