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Cinnamomum cassia Nees ex Bl. is known in the society as Chinese cinnamon. One of
the uses of Chinese cinnamon is as a fungicide because of its volatile oil contents. The purpose of
this research was to find out the base type effect of oil base, emulsion base, water soluble base
toward fungicide activity of Chinese cinnamon barks volatile oil on Candida albicans growth
inhibition. The fungicide activity test of Chinese cinnamon barks volatile oil in the three base type
using diffusion methods (agar plate) was done by measuring the diameter of inhibited area toward
Candida albicans growth. The inhibited area diameter result was analyzed with one way anova test
and continued with Tukey test at 95% confidential level. The obtained result showed that the three
base type was significantly different toward the fungicide activity of chinese cinnamon barks volatile
oil. The largest inhibited area (from largest to the lowest) was water soluble base, emulsion base,
and oil base.

Keywords : minyak cassia, basis salep, Candida albicans

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