Eksistensi Akta Notaris Dalam Penguatan Legalitas Kelembagaan Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini

Agus Muslim



The main problem in this study is the first, how the existence of a notarial deed in strengthening the
legality of the implementation of the Early Childhood Education institutions (ECD) in Sukabumi? And
secondly, what form of certificate of incorporation institutions Early Childhood Education (ECD) in
Sukabumi ?. This research is empirical or sociological law by using an empirical approach / sociological
approach to law (statute approach). The results showed the existence of a notarial deed is very
important for the implementation of ECD in Sukabumi, because the activities of early childhood
institutions is closely linked to the public. So it is not enough just to their form of recognition (justification)
in the form of early childhood Operating License issued by the Department of Education alone, but
requires that the (legality) in the form of a notarial deed. Based on the research results are to some ECD
Institutions authors found no notarial deed in the form of legal entities association deed, and the deed
of the institution, but as with all forms of legal entity foundation deed.

Keywords: Deed, foundations, associations, ECD 


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