Aplikasi THE MODEL Untuk Level Organisasi

Arief Fahmie, Nopriadi Hermani, Muthia Nurrakhmi


An organization needs to determine its development model that is able facilitate it to
achieve the goals of development and for improving both the individuals and performances. The
MODEL is a personal development design-based on Islamic ideology that combines artificial
intelligence theories and Islamic concepts. It consists of four components The Principle (Islam
Principle and Sunnatullah Principle), The Vision (True Vision and Big Vision), The Character
(Islamic Personality and Efective Character), and The Responsibility (Personal Responsibility
and Mabdai Responsibility). This paper aims to describe a theoretical application of The
MODEL in organizational context. Applications of it in organizations are related to keys
elements that exist in the organization: the people, the work, the formal organization, and the
informal organization. The MODEL for organizations is also applied in accordance with
organization life cycle. The applications connected with key elements of organization and
organization life cycle focus not only on personal development, but also have responsibility to
build a world civilization based on Islamic rules (syariah).


The MODEL, development, organization, spiritual-ideological

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