Empowerment Through Mystical Experiences in Islam: A Literature Study on Muhammad PBUH’s First Revelation of Islam.

Dini Rahma Bintari


This paper discusses how empowerment can be triggered by mystical experiences, by
focusing on mystical experience of the first revelation of Islam to Muhammad PBUH. Only few
literature on empowerment in mainstream psychology, specifically discuss how empowerment
can be achieved through personal mystical or spiritual experiences. Transpersonal studies give
explanations of human mystical experiences and extra sensory perceptions. Chronological
analysis of the first revelation showed how the mystical experience empowered Muhammad.
First, mystical experience is empowerment. Second, mystical experiences can become an
effective and an efficient trigger for empowerment in daily life if understood correctly; and
affirmed with social support. Third, spiritual awakening can unfold into intrapersonal,
interpersonal and behavioral empowerment if the person contemplates about the experience,
and implement it to benefit others.


empowerment, Muhammad PBUH, mystical experiences, transpersonal

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