Strategi Coping pada Mantan Penganut Aliran Sesat

Khairunnisa Putri, Sri Kushartati


This study aims to find out about the coping strategies on the former follower of a cult and
the factors that influence them. Two respondents participated in this study. The method in this
study uses a qualitative method with a phenomenological approach. The results of this study
indicate that the two respondents perform coping strategy to reduce pressure felt. They use
emotional focused coping in the form of distancing, escape avoidance, self-control, accepting
responsibility, positive reappraisal, and denial. Planfull problem solving is used as a form of
problem-focused coping. Known to both the subject of coping processes that vary in shape using coping strategies influenced by physical health factors, problem solving skills, and social skills.


Coping Strategy, former cult follower, emotional focused coping, problem focused coping

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