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Due to political situation, the issuance of the Decree of the Provisional People Assembly No. XX/MPRS/1966 seemed to legitimize the Suharto’s rezim. In this context, the Order Decree of March 11th, 1966 had been, in fact, invalid following the issuance of Tap No. IX/ MPRS/1966. More significantly, as of February 22nd, President Soekarno issued a statement that he transferred the government administration to the mandate holder of the Tap No. IX?MPRS/1966. Therefore, it is questionable that the general Meeting (GM) of the people Assembly in 1973 and the following GMs did not, at all, touch upon the matter and they let the Tap No. XX to continuously exist. Keywords: Existence, political situation, Tap No. XX/MPRS/1966.

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Tambunan, A. S. (2012). Menelusuri Eksistensi Ketetapan MPRS NO. XX/MPRS/1966. Unisia, 30(65).