Pemulihan Ekonomi Pasca Kerusuhan Tahun 1998 (Studi KasusKota Surakarta)

Djoko Santoso


Economically, after the social unrest in 1998, Surakarta City has been well-known as an
unlivable city. No investors are interested to invest, unless otherwise the condition changes.
This research article tries to explore economic policies by Surakarta Government after the
riot. Specifically, this article proposes to analyze economic condition of Surakarta City
before and after riot; public policies taken by Surakarta government to run economic
recovery; and recovery policies using perspective of economic education. Using qualitative
research, this research reveals that, there have been economic significant changes in
three to five years after riot; Surakarta government policies for economic recovery have
been matched with public policy decision models; and the perspective of economic education
has been applied effectively to recover Surakarta economic condition.
Keywords: policy analysis, economic recovery, economic education perspective.

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