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Ginger (Zingiber Officinale Roxb) is a traditional plants usually used to relieve pain, rheumatism,
and neutralize poison. The aim of this study was to get the optimum concentration of tragacanth
and PVP as a binding agent in ginger lozenges formulation. The components from ginger were
extracted using percolation with ethanol 70% and then evaporated using rotary evaporator.
Lozenges were made in three formulas ; formula 1 (5%), 2 (7,5%), 3 (10%) of tragacanth and PVP
using wet granulation method. Granules and tablets were tested for its physical properties, and
analyzed using Pearson correlation. The result showed that, all of three formulas were good,
comply with a regulation of physical properties and disolution time in the mouth. Variation of
tragacanth and PVP concentration affected physical properties of tablets. It showed that the greater
concentration of tragacanth and PVP, the larger the hardness and the longer the disolution time of
tablets. The third formula (tragacanth 10% b/v) gave an optimum physical properties and soluble
time of tablets, with weight variety deviation 0,98%, hardness 10,18 kg, friability 0.11% and
disolution time 11.50 minutes. The three formulas were received by respondens with
prerequirement of improving sweetness, repairing form and the color of tablets.

Key words :Ginger lozenges, tragacanth, PVP, wet granulation method.

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