Focus and Scope

The Officium Notarium Journal is managed and developed by the Faculty of Law Universitas Islam Indonesia. This journal uses a double-blind review and has been published since April 2021. The specialty of this journal around about banking, financing, capital markets, waqf, agreements, marriage, inheritance, wills, dispute resolution, guarantees, commercial law, intellectual property, notary, insurance, cyber law, bankruptcy, and other civil issues.

The Officium Notarium Journal is one of the law journals at the Faculty of Law Universitas Islam Indonesia. It is hoped that this journal can add color to legal journals in Indonesia, especially in the notarial field, with various forms of approaches used to study legal developments in Indonesia. The journal management process is carried out by the publishing department in collaboration with the legal study program of the notary program which aims to become an effective research address for stakeholders in the legal field. In each publication period, this journal publishes works written by students and writers outside the Islamic University of Indonesia.