Focus and Scope

The Scope of this journal covers various topics on Islamic law, International law, Constitutional law, Private law, Criminal law, Administrative law, Procedural of law and Comparative law with the approach of prophetic law and values. Prophetic law is a form of legal study that is based on the characteristics of prophetic legal science, namely humanization, liberation and transcendence.

  1. Humanization

This character is intended as a legal science that is oriented towards respecting human dignity according to their nature. Good law in this context is an instrument of amar ma'ruf  (the law for the blessing of humankind) for upholding justice for all groups, in forms such as respect for human rights, religious freedom, elimination of discrimination, and equality before the law. In the context of Maqasid Al-Tasyri' (the aim of Islamic law), this is in line with protecting religion (hifdh al-din), protecting the soul (hifdh al-nafs), protecting the mind (hifdh al-'aql), protecting offspring (hifdh al- -nasl), and protecting property (hifdh al-mal).

  1. Liberation

This character is intended as a legal science that is oriented towards liberation from various oppression and inequality in the social, political, economic and cultural fields such as poverty, slavery, extortion and ignorance. This is in line with the concept of nahi munkar (prohibiting unlawful acts) in Islamic teachings.

  1. Transcendence

This character is intended as a legal science that is oriented to bringing divine values ​​into various aspects of life. The urgency of this character lies, among other things, in the helplessness of various ideas created by humans in overcoming various life problems such as hedonism, materialism and liberalism. Hence, the recognition of divine values is being used ​​as the highest guidance.

These characters have ideal relevance in the context of legal science. This is a new approach in legal science which is expected to contribute significantly to the development and implementation of legal science amidst various diverse approaches. The Prophetic Law approach offered is an embodiment of the values ​​of rahmatan lil 'alamin (the blessing of humankind) as a realization of UII's vision.