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The Padri Movement, also known as the White Group Movement, grown up in Minangkabau
in 1821 – 1837, on one side, had been a strong and militant struggle against Dutch colonization
in Sumatra. On the other side, this movement also raised as a power of reform,
bringing together a strong and militant mission of Islamic Purification. This movement had
raised a violence controversy, both when it conflicted with traditional power and when it
expanded its areas of movement to the Batak Land. In the perspective of Sociology, both
the Padri Movement and its militant and violence actions brought in every expanded social
or religious movement cannot be separated one and each other. This is caused by the fact
that such a movement is closely related to a strict religious ideology and faith, and at once
it also closely related to a complicated sociological condition at that time. Therefore, a
multi-perspective is necessary to understand complicated socio-religious movements.
Keywords: Padri Movement, Religious Movement, Islamic Purification.

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Nashir, H. (2012). Purifikasi Islam dalam Gerakan Padri di Minangkabau. Unisia, 31(69).