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This study aims to examine the influence of corporate governance mechanisms including an independent board and institutional ownership, and firm characteristics include leverage, price-to-book-value, as well as the size of the disclosure of corporate social responsibility. This study uses 52 companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange during the years 2007-2008 as sample. The results show that simultaneous variables such as independent board, institutional holdings, leverage, price-to-book-value, and size have a significant effect on the disclosure of corporate social responsibility. With determination coefficient (R2) shows that inpendent variables can explain the dependent variable of 18.4%, while the rest of 81.6% influenced by other factors. Based on partially test results show that the independent board and leverage have no significant negative effect and institutional ownership and size are not significant positive effect, while the price-to-book-value has significant positive effect on the disclosure of corporate social responsibility.

Keyword: corporate governance, firm characteristics, corporate social responsibility.


Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengkaji pengaruh mekanisme corporate governance yang meliputi dewan komisaris independen dan kepemilikan institusional, serta karakteristik perusahaan yang meliputi leverage, price-to-book-value, serta size terhadap pengungkapan Tanggungjawab sosial (social responsibility). Sampel penelitian berjumlah 52 perusahaan yang terdaftar di Bursa Efek Indonesia selama tahun 2007-2008. Hasil pengujian empiris menunjukkan bahwa secara simultan variabel dewan komisaris independen, kepemilikan institusional, leverage, price-to-book-value, serta size berpengaruh signifikan terhadap pengungkapan Tanggungjawab sosial. Koefisien determinasi (R2) menunjukkan bahwa variabel independen dapat menjelaskan variabel dependen sebesar 18,4%, sedangkan sisanya sebesar 81,6% dipengaruhi oleh faktor lain. Berdasarkan pengujian secara parsial menunjukkan hasil bahwa dewan komisaris independen dan leverage berpengaruh negatif tidak signifikan serta kepemilikan institusional dan size berpengaruh positif tidak signifikan, sedangkan price-to-book-value berpengaruh positif signifikan terhadap pengungkapan Tanggungjawab sosial.

Kata kunci: corporate governance, karakteristik perusahaan, corporate social responsibility

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