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Acetaminophen is a kind of analgetic-antipyretic drug which the usage in excessive dose will
cause the liver damage. Pegagan herb (Centella asiatica, L) is one of plant which is used to protect
the liver from various damage of drug. A research to study the hepatoprotective effect of pegagan
herb infusion on acetaminophen induced wistar rat has been conducted. This research was aimed
to find how excellent pegagan herb protects the liver from the damages caused by acetaminophen
and find the data of hepatoprotective of pegagan herb’s dose effect span in infussion form through
the SGPT enzym and hyspatology of liver cell analysis. This research used the completed random
of unidirectoral pattern method, using wistar strain white rat as the tested animals, weight 200 g 
10%, age 5-8 weeks. The way of attemp: 36 rat were divided into 6 groups were each groups had 6
rat. For the treatment, Group I was controlled by aquadest. Group II was given acetaminophen
suspention dose 2,5 g/kg BB. Group III-IV was given pegagan herb infussion 0,027; 0,054; 0,0108;
0,216 g/kg BB once in a day for a week and 8 hours after that, on the seventh day was given
acetaminophen suspention dose 2,5 g/kg BB. Blood taking was conducted by orbitalis sinus before
th treatment, 8 hours after the seventh day treatment and 24 hours after acetaminophen was given.
SGPT data was analysed by ANOVA statistical test, where if found the significant difference, it
would continue by Tuckey Test with 95% as significant standar. Then continued by hyspatology test
on liver cell of rat. The result of this research showed that pegagan herb infussion dose 0,027;
0,054; 0,108; 0,216 g/kg BB had a hepatoprotective effect on acetaminophen inducted white rat
successively 34,19%; 62,52%; 78,62%; 85,69%. And the result of qualitative analysis by histology
analysis showed that pegagan herb had hepatoprotective effect.

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