Peer Review

All submitted manuscripts are subject to a double-blind review process, through an online system. The review process takes 4-8 weeks and its main focus is the novelty of the manuscripts and their contributions to the architecture research.

Peer Review Procedures:

  • The corresponding author submits the manuscript through Jurnal of Architectural Research and Design Studies (JARS)'s online system
  • The JARS Editor Board will identify the quality of manuscript and the possibility of cases of scientific misconduct including authorship, ownership, and plagiarism.
  • The Editor Board notifies the submissions and informs the authors if the papers are suitable for the journals. Therefore, the manuscript will be sent to two reviewers for reviewing process.
  • All of the contributions of the JARS are subject to a double-blind peer-review, which means that neither the author(s) nor the reviewers know the identity of the other.
  • At least two reviewers review every submitted paper. The review process is an online process and contains a clear referees' statements concerning paper's publishing approval or its rejection
  • In case of minor revisions, the article is sent to the author(s) together with a referees opinions. The authors are asked to respond to the referees' comments and make the appropriate adjustments in the text. Then, the authors send back the corrected version. 
  • The Editorial Board makes the final decision on publication.