Here we are at the end of 2012, the much talked about year. The year has seen so many happenings in the world, and so has in the field of English language studies and English education. Through this second edition of 2012 Journal of English and Education (JEE), we intend to share with you, yet again, many elaboration of teaching ideas and fruitful research findings in English language and education fields. This edition is a special one as we bring in more articles than usual. The articles presented are on a wide variety of topics, and one of them is an article encapsulating the growth and the changing status and recent use of English as International Language, also known as EIL. The multifaceted dimension of English language and English education captured in this edition is therefore worth explored!

In the end, our hope is to enrich our readers and encourage them to aspire for more growth in their professional venture in the field of English language and English education. We are also indebted to our contributors of this edition for their astounding support and contribution. We also hope that this journal could eventually reach more and wider audiences, English language and English education professionals in this country and around the globe whom are keen to share their insights with us and our JEE readers. The publication of this edition of JEE is not without flaws, thus any constructive critics and suggestions for the improvement of this journal are pleasantly welcomed.

Published: April 12, 2016

English As An International Language: An Overview

Anita Dewi (1)
(1) Universitas Islam Indonesia

English Bilingual Education: The Challenge Of Communication And Cognition Aspects Of Content Language Integrated Learning (Clil) In Indonesia

Astri Hapsari (1)
(1) Universitas Islam Indonesia

Developing Curriculum And Tasks For Teaching Reading

Ella Wulandari (1)
(1) Yogyakarta State University

Performing Musicalization Of Poetry And Uploading The Video On Youtube For Poetry Class Project

Febriyanti Dwiratna Lestari (1)
(1) UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta

An Introduction To Translation Studies: An Overview

Intan Pradita (1)
(1) Universitas Islam Indonesia

The Hegemony Of White Commodity Culture Toward Afro-American: An Analysis Of Susan Willis' I Shop Therefore I Am

Irma Windy Astuti (1)
(1) Universitas Islam Indonesia

The Importance Of Teaching Literature To Students

Ista Maharsi (1)
(1) Universitas Islam Indonesia

Teaching English To Non-English Students' Department At Islamic University Of Indonesia Through Formula 33: Students' Reflections

Nizamuddin Sadiq (1)
(1) Universitas Islam Indonesia

Chalenging Issues In Learning Listening: A Correlational Study In University Level

Raden Rara Vivy Kusuma Ardhani (1)
(1) Senior High School 3 Yogyakarta

Learning Theories In Instructional Multimedia For English Learning

Rizki Farani (1)
(1) Universitas Islam Indonesia