Published: April 14, 2016

The Pragmatic Aspects Ofhumor Creation: A Study On Grice's Cooperative Principles

Intan Pradita (1)
(1) Universitas Islam Indonesia

The Place Of Listening In The L2 Curriculum: A Review

Tri Wahyuni Floriasti (1)
(1) Yogyakarta State University

The Evaluation Of Instructional Multimedia Product For English Learning

Rizki Farani (1)
(1) Universitas Islam Indonesia

The Role Of Explicit Pragmatic Instruction To Improve Second Language Learners' Ideational Metafunction Of The Target Language

Astri hapsari (1)
(1) Universitas Islam Indonesia

Influence Of Teacher Characteristics On Students' Academic Achievement Among Senior High Schools In Ogan Komering Ulu

Silfi Sanda (1)
(1) SMA Negeri 4 OKU, South Sumatera