Vol 2 No 1 Juni 2008


We would to thank you first to all our colleagues who have gave their contribution by sending their paper. We will also want to thank to our readers who gave inputs to us in the form of comments, suggestions and especially critics. This journal is far from perfect and therefore once again we invite our readers and our prospect writers to criticize us so we can become better from time to time.

There has been a lot interesting articles which we have published, but yet we still have difficulties in collecting them. We hope that the Journal of English and Education (JEE) can be acknowledge not only in Indonesia but also from overseas. We are now living in an era where people will be recognize if many people knows their work. As an academician, it is our duty to write and also publish our work so that we will be recognize not only in Indonesia but through out the world.

We introduce our third edition of JEE. Please do explore the English Education, Language and Literature we have presented. Suggestion, critics, and any other comments which can make this Journal better will always be accepted  with arms wide open.

Table of Contents


Anita Sartika Dewi(1),
Margana Margana(1),
Ashadi Ashadi(1),
Nizamuddin Sadiq(1),
Niken Anggraeni(1),
Titik Sudartinah(1),
Ririn Kurnia Trisnawati(1),
Kharis Sukarno Muhammad(1),