We are very delighted to introduce you our fourth edition of Journal of English and Education. We appreciate the contributors for sending their papers to us, and remain enthusiastic to invite others to contribute their papers to our Journal.

Science in any fields always evolves, and so does in English Education, Language and  literature. Knowledge will be considered if it is (well) known. Thus, it is our job to help publish your brilliant ideas, thoughts and analysis in order for our readers to respond and gain more knowledge from them. Our aspiration and responsibility as a publisher is to make our Journal recognized worldwide. We are in the process of realizing it and we do hope to attain it soon.

This is our fourth edition of the JEE (Journal of English and Education). Please do explore the knowledge and the insight presented in this Journal. Suggestions, critics, and other constructive comments for the improvement of this Journal will always be accepted with arms wide open.

Published: December 31, 2008