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This research was aimed at knowing potential drug interactions on drug prescribing for
treatment of hospitalized pediatric patients with respiratory tract infection. Research was carried
out at a private hospital in Surakarta and data were collected from medical records of patients were
hospitalized during January – December 2005. Potential drug interactions were determined
theoretically using some literatures on drug interaction. From total 186 patients included in this
research, 67.2% were 0-4 years old with common cold was the most diagnosed. There were 52.7%
patients receiving 4-6 item of drugs and 76.9% patients were hospitalized during 1-3 days.
Potential drug interactions were identified in 30.7% patients with 1.8% and 15.8% of them at level 1
and 2 clinical significance, respectively. Statistically, there was a relationship between potential
drug interactions and length of hospitalization (p = 0.001). Some further investigations
(prospectively) are needed to ensure results from this research.

Key words : drug interaction, respiratory tract infection, pediatric

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