Indonesian Journal of Chemical Analysis (IJCA)


Indonesian Journal of Chemical Analysis (IJCA) is a chemistry journal published by the Diploma Program in Chemical Analysis, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Islam Indonesia. IJCA is Indonesian Journals that the articles are written in the Indonesian or English language and also publishes original research articles or review articles on aspects of all of the chemistry fields especially in analytical methods, procedures, and principles. IJCA has the vision to become a reputable journal and can publish good quality papers. We aim to provide lecturers, researchers both academic and industries, and students worldwide with unlimited access to publishing in our journal. 

Specifically, these scopes of the IJCA journal are:

  1. Sampling and Preparation methods
  2. Separation (chromatography, adsorption, solid-phase extraction, techniques, or development materials for this purpose)
  3. Measurement (development of methods (conventional, electrochemistry, spectroscopy)
  4. Identification (identification natural resources (in/organic natural resources) etc)
  5. Methods validation

The journal will be published electronically 2 times a year in March and September and Open Access Journal. The open calls for papers will be announced on this website.

Peer Review

Each submitted manuscript will be handled by Editorial Board Members to managing the peer review process and deciding whether a paper should be accepted for publication. The purpose of the peer review process is to review the technical format and use a template approach. Referees and Editorial Board Members will determine whether a paper is scientifically valid in accordance with our developed scope. All submitted manuscripts must be free from plagiarism contents. All authors are suggested to use plagiarism detection software to do the similarity checking (please use Turnitin or the others to check the similarity). Editors will also check the similarity of manuscripts in this journal by using Turnitin or another software. The final decision of manuscript acceptance will be made by the Editor in Chief (together with Editorial Board is required for consideration) according to reviewers' critical comments.


Please submit your manuscript by the OJS system, click here. Before submitting your manuscript, please read carefully the author's guidelines. 

Vol 4, No 1 (2021): Indonesian Journal of Chemical Analysis

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