Greetings !!!

We have start our journal and we hope the previous edition will open the way to a good journey. We appreciate all friends, colleague, and other readers for their critics and suggestion. The first edition really make us learn lote of thing. Like a baby, "We are learning to walk".

As we learn, we hope that our journal will improve from time to time. In this occasion we thank you all the contributors and we also invite other contributors to share the development and progress of the science of English Education, Language, and Literature. We will underline again the editorial from our first edition that science always progress, so we hope this Journal will have the same spirit which is progressive. With the spirit of progression, let us progress together in our field of study.

We introduce our second edition of JEE (Journal of English and Education). Please do explore the English Education, Language and Literature we have presented. Suggestions, critics and any other comments which can make this journal better will always be accepted with arms wide open.

Published: December 31, 2007