The journal website is currently using Open Journal Systems Open Journal Systems is developed by The Public Knowledge Project of Simon Fraser University. This version of OJS 3 is an upgrade from OJS 2 that has been retired and no longer supported. The upgrading process from OJS 2 to OJS 3 was managed by Universitas Islam Indonesia with PT. Inovasi Informatik Sinergi or Open Journal Theme (OJT) as partner. The process of upgrading the OJS was conducted between December 2021 until February 2022.

OJT as the partner in the upgrading has previously been involved in many journals’ upgrading process. After the upgrading, OJT also installs a new theme Academic Pro Extended Version. Furthermore, OJT also adds some plugins for quality improvements of the journal: Google Scholar Citation Plugin, Published by Year - OJS 3 Plugin, Most Cited Crossref, and other.