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Millah (abstracted from Holy Qur'an Chapter Al-Hajj Verse 78) is published by Postgraduate Program Of Faculty Of Islamic Studies, Universitas Islam Indonesia as medium for communication and dissemination of academic research in Religious Studies. The journal is published biannually and was published for the first time in August 2001. The journal has been accredited Sinta 2 based on Keputusan Menteri Riset dan Teknologi/Kepala Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional Republik Indonesia Nomor 200/M/KPT/2020 Tentang Peringkat Akreditasi Jurnal Ilmiah Periode III Tahun 2020.

Millah: Jurnal Studi Agama is international double-blind peer-review journal focusing on religion studies.

The journal welcomes contribution in the following topics: Religion studies, Islamic law, Islamic jurisprudence, Islamic economics, Islamic education, Islamic finance, Islamic accounting, Islamic human resource management, other relevant Islamic studies.

Vol. 21, No. 1, August 2021
Volume 21, Number : 1
August 31, 2021
Current Issue

Vol. 21, No. 2, February 2022

Published: December 31, 2021

The Perception of Millennial Generation on Religious Moderation through Social Media in the Digital Era

Suci Ramadhanti Febriani (1), Apri Wardana Ritonga (2)
(1) Universitas Islam Negeri Imam Bonjol, Padang, Indonesia ,
(2) Universitas Islam Negeri Maulana Malik Ibrahim, Malang, Indonesia

Islamic Bank Customers’ Categorization of Cognitive Process Regarding Usury

A Case Study in Bank Syariah Indonesia Manado

Telsy Fratama Dewi Samad (1), Ahmad Saifulloh (2)
(1) Institut Agama Islam Negeri Manado, Manado, Indonesia ,
(2) The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

Learning Taxonomy of Islamic Education

The Development of Aql and the Brain in Quran from a Neuroscience Perspective

Suyadi (1)
(1) Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The Responses of Religions Outside of Islam toward the Ecological Crisis

A Literature Review

Lalu Pattimura Farhan (1), Prosmala Hadisaputra (2)
(1) Universitas Islam Negeri Mataram, Mataram, Indonesia ,
(2) Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Actualization of the Concept of National Fiqh in Building Religious Moderation in Indonesia

Arbanur Rasyid (1), Muhammad Basyrul Muvid (2), Maulana Arafat Lubis (3), Puji Kurniawan (4)
(1) Institut Agama Islam Negeri Padangsidimpuan, Padangsidimpuan, Indonesia ,
(2) Universitas Dinamika, Surabaya, Indonesia ,
(3) Institut Agama Islam Negeri Padangsidimpuan, Padangsidimpuan, Indonesia ,
(4) Institut Agama Islam Negeri Padangsidimpuan, Padangsidimpuan, Indonesia
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