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The paper discusses the possible ways' of improving the quality of education in Indonesia in the future. It starts with the background describing die reality of the education nowadays and the need of making changing in any aspect of education.

To yield better products of education, there must be improvements in the process of education, in which each components of education system should interact one another. Besides, the purpose of education should be clear and inclusive which does not only concern in the cognitive side but also in affective and psychomotor sides. After setting the purpose of education there must be a change in education paradigm as well. We have to see that education is a means to make students mature in their life. To generate change, innovations must be made by any parties of education process. Especially teachers should always innovate their teaching method so that the result of their teaching process will be maximum. Last but not least, education should ensure the output and the outcome. When the aspects above mentioned are well carried out, education will not only yield better output, which has good grades or marks, but it will also yield better outcome which will not find difficulties in getting the first job.



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Kuncoro Asih Nugroho

Kuncoro Asih Nugroho is a lecturer of State University of Yogyakarta where he took his bachelor degree in physics education. He took his master in Education Management at Yogyakarta State University. He is very active in community development especially in improving the quality of teaching physics in some junior high schools in Yogyakarta. In line with that interest he made some works entitled Teaching Science with Cartoon and Media LKS with constructivist approach to solve misconception in Science Subject, The Management of New Student Admission in Junior High School in Sleman, Energy Saving in electricity to Reduce the Cost of electricity Use, and Optimizing Science with the Science Skill Builder in SMP Negeri 2 Mlati.
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