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VOLUME 7, ISSUE 1, April 2023
Volume 7, Number : 1
April 15, 2023
Current Issue


Published: October 25, 2023

Project EDIT: an aid to improve the academic performance of Grade 10- Emerald students in Science amidst pandemic.

Vivian Grace Perez (1)
(1) Saint Mary’s University, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya, 3700, Philippines – School of Graduate Studies

Improving Teachers' Ability to Write New Prose (Short Stories) in Making Higher Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) Questions through In House Training at SD Negeri Banjarsari, Samigaluh, Kulon Progo Regency for 2021/2022 Academic Year

Sutiyatmi (1)
(1) SD Negeri Banjarsari, Samigaluh Kabupaten Kulon Progo

Improved Collaboration and Learning Outcomes Theme VII Sub-Theme 3 Through the Discovery Learning Learning Model for Grade VI Students of SD Negeri 2 Samigaluh 2021/2022 Academic Year

Srini (1)
(1) SD Negeri 2 Samigaluh, Kabupaten Kulon Progo

Improving Mathematics Learning Outcomes Through Contextual Teaching Learning (CTL) Models with Auxiliary Objects of the Surrounding Environment at Madigondo Samigaluh Public Elementary School, Kulon Progo Regency, 2021/2022 Academic Year

Fembri Susilawati (1)
(1) SD Negeri Madigondo Samigaluh Kabupaten Kulon Progo

Improving Learning Outcomes and Learning Motivation in Mathematics Through Demonstration Methods with Number Card Media Assistance for Class I Students of SD Negeri 2 Samigaluh in Academic Year 2021/2022

Siti Yawimah (1)
(1) SD Negeri 2 Kapanewon Samigaluh Kabupaten Kulon Progo

Improving Collaborative Ability and Learning Achievement in Mathematics Through the Project-Based Learning (PjBL) Model Using Diagram Image Media for Class VI Students of SD Negeri Purwoharjo Academic Year 2021/2022

Ritartini (1)
(1) SD Negeri Purwoharjo Kapanewon Samigaluh

Improving Learning Outcomes and Motivation Theme VI Sub Theme 2 Using the Problem-Based Learning Learning Model for Grade IV Students at SD Negeri Banjarsari Samigaluh 2021/2022 Academic Year

Puji Lestari (1)
(1) SD Negeri Banjarsari Kapanewon Samigaluh Kabupaten Kulon Progo

Improving Collaboration Skills and Thematic Learning Outcomes Theme V Sub Theme 2 Using the Student Teams Achievement Divisions (STAD) Learning Model for Class III Students at SD Negeri Bendo Samigaluh, Kulon Progo, Academic Year 2021/2022

Yuli Winanti (1)
(1) SD Negeri Bendo Samigaluh Kulon Progo

Improving Learning Outcomes Theme VII Sub Theme 1 Using the Problem-Based Learning Model for Fifth Grade Students at SD Negeri 2 Samigaluh, Kulon Progo Regency, Academic Year 2021/2022

Suyanti (1)
(1) SD Negeri 2 Samigaluh, Kabupaten Kulon Progo

Android-Based Project-Based Learning Integrated Gravimetric Analysis for Chemical Expertise Analysis of Vocational School: Development of Teaching Materials

Hayuni Retno Widarti (1), Deni Ainur Rokhim (2), Muchammad Musleh Kadafi (3)
(1) Chemistry Education, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Universitas Negeri Malang, Semarang Street No. 5 Malang, East Java, Indonesia ,
(2) Chemistry, SMAN 3 Sidoarjo, Dr. Wahdin Street No. 130 Sekardangan, Sidoarjo, East Java ,
(3) Chemistry Education, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Universitas Negeri Malang, Semarang Street No. 5 Malang, East Java, Indonesia

The Effectiveness of Using Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) in Teaching Chemistry

Jules Mark Abgao (1)
(1) University of the Philippines Cebu – Master of Education Program
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